Quantum Go: You already know this phone?

It is the smartphone produced by Plus which is already known for making notebooks. It is a phone that debut in the Brazilian market and is considered intermediate in respect of models of other brands according to features and functionality.

Quantum has an octa-core processor with 2 GB of RAM and 16 GB of internal space but offers models with 32 GB of memory. The phone’s edges are rounded and metallic appearance.

Its weight is 115 grams and having a thickness of 6.5 mm. The microphone and speaker are on the bottom of the phone. The screen has 5 inches and the operating system is Android. The camera has a resolution of 13 megapixels and the processor is the MediaTek that has 8 cores, which enabled work very well at full power and the phone battery has a capacity 2,300 mAh and connectivity is 3G technology as 4G It is optional keyboard iphone 5s.

How to check the battery in your engine properly

The care you need to have for the life of your electric motor is prolonged, then the most important thing is you never fail to make periodic maintenance, so why you should take into account that the electric motor is the most important piece of equipment let’s look at some tips

1 Spend enough grease or Vaseline to the terminals you have in your battery

2 Apply spray manufacturer’s brand around the engine, the more it all without exaggeration to avoid damaging the engine

3 Remove anything that is within your equipment, leaving only the exposed battery

4 Make sure the oil reservoir which is next to the battery is clean and not to drop any water on him ReelCraft D83075 OLP SERIES

5 Finally wash off the battery from the outside with clean water and detergent after it done let it dry in time or help with a fan, the important thing is that it is very dry and done correctly, for it to last longer

What the studies show about selling mobile phones in Brazil

Another important factor is that the numbers available in the wholesale mobile phone market, is that today show the big business that is to have a mobile phone handset.

The studies show that in Brazil has more than 347 million wholesale cell lines that are enabled, this because many use 02 or even 03 different chips, and mobile broadband terminal that has 3G technology totaled 45.2 million accesses. hypercel bluetooth headphones

What was found is that of all accesses that are operating in the country, 203.7 million lines are prepaid phones and 45.8 million are postpaid phones.

The amazing thing is that even in a country like Brazil, spending on phones still high, the country has around 247.4 million lines of active cell phones, and it was found or 2.5 million new skills only in the year 2014, which is the largest number for the month in 15 years.

Prepare o seu próprio alimento

Tente preparar o seu próprio alimento, ao menos uma das refeições, é necessário que você dê preferência à comida feita em sua casa, ate porque  alguns alimentos que prometem ser apropriados para perder barriga rapido e emagrecer são muitas vezes cheios de conservantes que são  prejudiciais à sua saúde.

Importante que você não acredite em dietas o em remédios e chás milagrosos, não é mais segredo para ninguém, que a única forma de emagrecer de maneira adequada e eficaz e, por conseqüência perder a barriga, é que você faça uma reeducação alimentar e associe isso a pratica de atividades físicas, não creia em produtos e regimes que prometem resultados praticamente na hora, isso não existe. como perder barriga e não engordar de novo

Nunca desista do seu objetivo, mantenha a sua meta e siga em frente, sabemos que nem sempre é fácil, e mesmo que  você esteja demorando um pouco mais para perder as suas medidas desejadas, nunca desista, trabalhe principalmente a sua mente  e foque no processo de emagrecimento, mantenha o foco no resultado final. Uma nova vida exige dedicação e muita persistência sua.